Shakeology vs. Herbalife, Isagenix, Body by Vi

On a daily basis, I normally get grilled about the ingredients in Shakeology.  I always happily oblige because 1.) I know it's important for people to know what they're ingesting  2.) I'm proud to present people with an ingredient list of over 70 natural/organic ingredients and 3.) I absolutely love drinking Shakeology, so I get excited to talk about it.

In talking about Shakeology, other products come up in conversation.  Since I feel I have tried EVERYTHING in the diet world, before just resulting to anorexia/bulimia, I also have very strong opinions on some products.  For example, over-the-counter diet products are just silent killers in disguise.  If you're going to Wal-Mart for diet help - then that's your first problem right there.  Your mind is in the complete wrong mind-set.  You don't go to Wal-Mart for health help - at least go to a health professional or health center that specializes in such topics!  Anything that you ban buy over-the-counter, like Slim-Fast, Special K, Hydroxycut, Green Tea diet pills, caffeine pills, Alli, and all the others; please, I beg you, from someone who has suffered and survived a heart attack and a gall bladder removal - DON'T DO IT!  These are the products that contributed DIRECTLY to my HEALTH DEMISE!  Weight loss quick fixes DON'T WORK! And if that's what you're looking for, then I suggest putting your mind to something else, because you're also just wasting your time and money.  If you're not going to lose weight for the sake of you own health and wellness, then it's all going to be in vain and the weight will all come back anyway (no one said the truth was sugary).  You have to get in the mindset of LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  I've changed my life by substituting cereal and pop-tarts with Shakeology...that truly has made all the difference!!!
Other non-over-the-counter products have come up too.  Products that are also in the Network Marketing world such as HerbalifeIsagenix, and Body by Vi; companies that will also pay you commissions for recommending others to the product and building a team underneath you.  Now, as someone who has experienced what it's like to have bad health - I support ANYTHING that helps someone get healthier, is safe to ingest, and can turn a person's life around physically AND financially.  I've researched these companies before and I'll tell you exactly why I believe in and chose BeachBody over the others.
Herbalife has been around for awhile.  They have been around WAY longer than BeachBody and have been helping people and changing lives for a little over 30 years now.  That's really credible and very impressive!  I'm not turned off by Herbalife by any means, but on the flip side, I'm not really turned on or interested either.  After having my own experience with pills and supplements, I, personally, do not want to take any more pills of any kind.  That includes bottled vitamins as well.  This is my personal choice.  It's a routine and dependency that I feel strong on never developing again.  Others may feel differently.  But I don't feel that any fix or help comes in capsule form  - at least not for my body.  My body does not respond well to any type of pills, whether they claim they are natural or not.

Isagenix - well, I have the same problem with Isagenix as I do with Body by Vi - I can't find the full ingredient list or nutritional facts anywhere - just bullet point information of what it's supposed to do and kind of mis-leading comparisons to other products.  Plus - Isagenix is targeted for 30-day and 9-day cleansing and weight loss systems.  Again, I've already stated that I do not care for "quick fix" marketing.  P90X may claim to get your ripped in 90 days, but most P90X grads keep going BEYOND the 90 days because of the nutritional education they received with Tony Horton and the BeachBody community as well, and have thus made the "lifestyle change".  

Body by Vi - well, I'll say it - I think they're a complete rip-off of BeachBody.  The way they market their product videos (Shakeology Video vs. Body by Vi video) , are pretty IDENTICAL to BeachBody's, including their Cash weight loss challenges, cruises, etc.  And my biggest problem is that they're marketing a shake, with absolutely no ingredient information anywhere to be found!  And they advise you to buy more of their products to supplement the shake diet; Shakeology is all you need - we want you to eat REAL food along with one Shake a day.  I'm very conscious about what I put into my body, because at this point, I refuse to put in CRAP, anything that's fake, I cannot pronounce, or doesn't grow out of the ground, into my body.  And the fact that I can't even find allergen information is kind of worrisome to me.  Plus, I know it says it's 90 calories, which I also feel is way too low to be considered a "meal" - a snack?  Yes.  Meal?  Hardly!  That's borderline starvation!
If we had to list all of Shakeology's 70 natural/organic ingredient label next to Body by Vi's non-existent label, I don't think there's much left to compare!
After trying EVERYTHING, BeachBody products were the ONLY products that actually taught me about overall good nutrition and health, and gave me a guide and multiple tools on how to curb bad eating habits, and replace them with new good ones.  Additionally, BeachBody releases all of the product and label information on all of their websites - you can even download your own .pdf versions of the ingredients.  Plus, they also guarantee 100% label claim - which means, that what they are putting on their nutritional label is IN THE BAG.  In the United States, food companies are only required to put 40% of what's inside, on the actual label.  According to the FDA, "The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA), which amended the FD&C Act requires most foods to bear nutrition labeling." Not ALL foods, just MOST foods.  And I don't see any other companies being forward or mentioning that they're 100% label-claim companies.  Also - the supportive community that BeachBody offers is unparalleled anywhere else.  No where else have I been connected and supported by people whom I have never met in person.  Plus, what my physical lifestyle change has done for me mentally and spiritually is also unparalleled to any other diet plan that I have tried.  

So, what I really ask - is that you do your research and do what's right for you.  No system works for everybody, but I know there is a system out there that works for you.  Do what's healthy, do what's natural, and your body will LOVE YOU BACK.  When you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.  


  1. http://dawnmarrs.isagenix.com/us/en/image.ashx?id=135b1733-9c1f-4a14-8147-7e54d34c807e
    Isagenix full ingredient list or nutritional facts I found it. Don't know why you could not.

  2. Thank you "Hello!"
    I do greatly appreciate your link to the ingredient list. I'm unsure why I couldn't find it either. Maybe my search words are too detailed or too vague (usually my problem).
    But thanks again for reading, commenting, and directing me to the information!
    Have a great week!

  3. I found this all very interesting, thank you! I do want to say a few things about Isagenix though! Isgenix is not claimed to be a simply a weight loss program. It is a company dedicated to a whole-body approach to health and wellness! If you want to loose weight they have great programs for that but there are so many other options simply for health and wellness. I take the Isagenix products and I am not overweight! Nor was I when I started taking them. I was interested in being healthy and more importantly feeling healthy! It has increased my energy and my sleep is better then it has been in over 5 years! That's what's so great is the many many options! It is customized to what YOU want to get out of it! If you want to loose weight the 30 day and 9 day cleanses are great but there is so much more! There is even a line of skin care products that are fantastic! I would love for you to try it and hear your feelings about it! You should email me and we can chat about it! My name is Angela! Freedomthom.3@live.com! Thanks again for your blog! Hope to talk to you soon! :)

  4. There is a difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. It is important to recognize the difference between shakes, as there is a big difference in calorie content between meal replacement shakes and simple protein shakes (read more about PROTEIN SHAKES).
    Meal replacement shakes and other meal replacements such as bars, soups, puddings and other snacks are designed to REPLACE one or two of your daily meals. Meal replacement shakes are specially formulated for weight loss and weight maintenance. These shakes are designed to give you a wide range of essential nutrients in a low calorie meal substitute, rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates (typically 2:1 ratio). A good MRP shake contains both carbohydrates and protein and between 200 and 400 calories.
    A protein shake or smoothie on the other hand, is simply that – protein. This shake contains little or no carbohydrates, fat and other essential nutrients. Protein shakes are very low calorie and are not designed to replace a meal.

  5. Hello, thank you for posting.
    The Isagenix meal shake ingredients are easily found on the isa product.com website and also on my Facebook page.
    The products are far more superior in quality than any of the shakes you mentioned.
    I feed them to my 9 month old son! That's how phenomenal they are.
    I also wanted to dispute your comment about the focus on 9 day or 30 day diet. It is not 9 day or 30 day diet but a lifestyle modification. You know as well as I do that people need to start somewhere... They need a focus or goal in order to get their health on track. Anyone who thinks they will lose weight and be healthy for life after dieting for 9 or 30 days is out to Lunch.
    Good luck with your health everyone!

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